The Ohio Department of Health requires hearing and vision screenings in grades K, 1, 3, 5, 9 and 11 and vision only in grade 7.  (Ohio revised code, section 3313.69). Additional screenings are done at the request of a parent or staff member.

Vision Screenings: The vision screening procedures are meant to aid in the detection of: defects in distance visual acuity, defects in binocular vision, and other observable abnormalities. Without intervention, there can be permanent vision loss, the development of learning disabilites, and/or emotional-behavioral problems that can lead to school failure. Children often do not know that they should be able to see better than they do.

Hearing Screenings: The purpose of early detection of potential hearing loss is to prevent permanent hearing loss during childhood and to identify students who need special accommodations due to hearing deficits. Hearing loss can contribute to educational delays and social isolation. Hearing loss is invisible and the child may be blamed for not paying attention.  

Failed Screenings: If your child fails a screening, a letter will be mailed home recommending a complete examination by a specialist.  Enclosed will be a form for the specialist to fill out and return to me.

-Financial help may be available to assist with the cost of eye exams and/or glasses. Please contact me for information at (440) 997-5301.