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College Credit Plus Information

The College Credit Plus (CCP) Program gives students the opportunity to take college courses and earn both high school and college credit at the same time.  Students who participate must meet college readiness benchmarks and any additional admissions requirements, if any, that the college may have.   College level courses may be able to substitute for high school requirements, but all state and Buckeye Local District requirements must still be met in order to earn a high school diploma.  Some students have been able to earn an Associates Degree before they graduate high school!  Click here to learn more about the CCP Program!

CCP Regulations
The recently adapted “First 15” Rule requires CCP students to complete 15 credit hours in courses designated as Level 1 by each college before continuing to more advanced Level 2 classes. . All CCP classes taught at EHS are Level 1.  Post-secondary schools are required to list the courses deemed Level 1 on their website and our school counselors can help determine eligibility for the classes you’re considering.
Additionally, students deemed “underperforming” in CCP courses will be placed on CCP Probation if they have one or both of the following conditions:
  • A student has a cumulative GPA of lower than a 2.0 in college courses taken through the CCP program (this rule does not take into account the high school GPA, just college courses).
  • A student withdraws from, or receives no credit for, two or more courses in the same term. (Withdrawing from a course occurs when the student dis-enrolls from a course after the census date and the secondary school is financially responsible for the tuition, fees and textbooks associated with the course.)
Any student deemed ineligible for two consecutive terms of enrollment will be dismissed from the CCP program. Students may appeal their probation or dismissal status. 
Students placed on CCP Probation or CCP Dismissal will be sent home with an official , including information how to appeal.