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Naviance is a web-based system that will assist students in the research and planning of careers and colleges.  In addition, it will help streamline the college application process by allowing Edgewood to send transcripts, recommendations, and other applications electronically.  

Go to:

Most students have their username and password.  If not, please try the following with the student's name: User name: Firstname.Lastname and password is their birthdate: for example Suzy Buckeye's user name is Suzy.Buckeye and her password would be 3/3/1999.  Please make sure that the four digit year is used for the password.  

If you are still having trouble, please contact your counselor and she will be able to let you know your user name and password.
What can I do on Naviance?

What can I do on Naviance?

Game Plan - gives students the chance to list what they may want to do in the future and what kind of school they may want
This will get updated every year.

Career Surveys - There are three types of surveys

Cluster Finder - will give students a general idea of what career area they may be interested in.  The goal is to have all 9th grade students will complete this.

Personality Type - will give students insight on their strengths, areas to work on, what type of job will be satisfying, and list career cluster they have expressed interest in to those careers they are not interested in at all.  The goal is to have all 10th grade students will complete this survey. (This is based off of the Myers-Briggs test.)

Career Interest Profiler - students will answer questions about what they like, dislike, or are unsure about doing.  At the end of the inventory, students will get the highest 3 out of a possible of 6 letters (R-Realistic, I - Investigative, A - Artistic, S - Social, E- Enterprising, C - Conventional) to look up careers that are related to their 3 letter code.  The goal is to have all 11th graders complete this.  (This is based off of the Holland's Occupational Outlook.)

If all three areas match up, then the student has a pretty strong indicator on what he/she would like to do after high school.  If all three do not, then a conversation should be had discussing what they results say and the student should consider retaking the surveys at a later date.

In addition, students are able to look up what education level and major is needed, the tasks that are performed in each of the careers, what skills are needed, and what wages are made in different states.  


Students are able to search for colleges, two year schools, and technical schools through the SuperMatch feature under the college tab.  Criteria such as location, majors, GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and so much more are used to help locate schools that match what the student is looking for.  Students are then able to save the searches and add colleges to the "Colleges I'm Thinking About" feature and come back later to look some more.  

Senior year - we will be sending transcripts and recommendations electronically to colleges. Students will be able to request transcripts and recommendations through Naviance.  This will speed up the time that students get their response from the colleges.  Also, students are able to check on the status of their requests.

Under the college tab, at the bottom, is the scholarship section.  Students are able to search all the scholarships that Edgewood knows about and find the criterion for each scholarships.  Some scholarships will contain links to website, applications that can be downloaded, or students will have to come into the guidance office to find a copy.  

There is so much more to do on Naviance, so check it out.