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Edgewood High School

Edgewood High School
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Here are some things that students can do during sophomore year to help prepare for college:
  • Continue to develop good study skills.  
    • This will make the transition from high school to college smoother.  Waiting unit college comes to develop skills will make college more difficult.
  • Continue to take the most challenging classes that you can succeed in.  
    • Taking the more challenging classes means that students will be more successful on standardized test and be more prepared for college.
  • Think about what you might want to pursue after high school and take classes that focus on it.  
    • It is okay not to know right now what to study.  Most college students change their major two to three times before they graduate.  The important thing to is to take classes that will prepare you for college.
  • Visit colleges or attend college fairs.  
    • This will help you start to figure out what you want and do not want in a college.
  • Save for college - any money that you can put away now will assist you once you are in college.
  • Take the PSAT.